Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bed Time!

Wow, so it's 11:15 and I'm exhausted! But after a long day at work (which by the way I forgot to mention that I now work at the Houston Aeros as the Charities and Marketing intern)......anways back to what I was saying. On my drive home I was listening to the radio and starting thinking about what a wonderful husband I had waiting for me at home. He is always there for me and does just the sweetest little things that make my day or night. For example last night my head hurt so bad my stomach hurt and he just sat there with me and we talked until I felt better. Then there was also the other day when I came home from work and all the laundry was done, and then there was that Saturday that he cleaned everything! And he also ALWAYS takes out the trash because he knows it's my least favorite chore. All in all I have a wonderful and very loving husband who I really wanted to brag on for a minute or two! I love you Sean!

Hope everyone is doing well!