Thursday, October 30, 2008

What to Make............

So I'm sitting here half paying attention to The View and half looking up Halloween treat recipes. I want to make some special Halloween treats to take to Sean's work tomorrow. Any good ideas? Once I figure out what i'm going to make I'll be sure to post pictures no matter how good or bad they turn out.

Also, Sean and I went to Corpus Christi last weekend for his Fraternity's alumni weekend. It was a great time getting to catch up with old friends and see that beautiful (hahaha, that's funny to everyone who has lived there) water ;)

Here are a few pictures: Oh and we got another flat tire :(

Friday, October 17, 2008

Check this out!

I had to share this with everyone. Sean and some of our friends went out to eat earlier this week and I was looking at the receipt and this is what it said on the bottom! Love it!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just a quick post....

I have immediately become obsessed with looking at all different blogs and I ran across this quote on another blog and wanted to share it with everyone (well with everyone who reads this...)

There is no "He loves me, He loves me not..." with God! It is always "He loves me"!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I know this makes my posts out of order but a lot of people haven't seen our honeymoon photos. So I thought I would post them on here, we went to Hawaii for about a week and had the trip of a lifetime. There were amazing sunsets every evening which we watched from the beach every day. Anyways, let's get to the pictures....
Just arrived in Hawaii...
Waikiki Beach

We went on a tour of Lost filming locations and look who we ran into
Hanging with Hurley on his golf course
Godzilla footprint, from the movie.....
T-Rex attacking us at the Jurassic Park filming location
Wow he's handsome.....anyways :) A gorgeous look out point

Pearl harbor
The anchor from the USS Arizona
Snorkeling Day

Sunset Cruise

We had a wonderful time and thank the Lord that he opened the doors for us to be able to have this amazing honeymoon!

Go Texans!

Well it's official....Sean and I went to our first NFL game today! We didn't know what to expect since the Texans were 0-4 going into today, but what a suprise we were in for! The team was losing with about a 1 minute left when they led an amazing drive down the field to score and win by 1 point! Tons of people had left the stadium but Sean and I feel the same way about leaving any sporting event early....We stay till the very last play.

On another note....we're new to the blogging world so who knows if I'm going to post this right! We are absolutely loving Houston because there are so many new and exciting things to do here. I miss being close to my family, but luckily it's almost the holiday season so I'll be seeing old and new family again soon! Enjoy our blog, it should be pretty interesting :)