Thursday, July 1, 2010

Life always seems to get in the way....

of writing frequent blog posts!

Well let me catch you up on what's been going on lately with us!

Sean's almost half way done! He traveled to Germany this past spring for two of his classes. He says now that his taste for American beer has been forever tainted, since Germany's beer was so good. He also got to see the Berlin wall, a concentration camp, and a few castles during his trip there. Here are a few pics from his trip:

School news for me....I just heard last week that I've been accepted to the University of Houston! My graduate program will be in the school of communication with an emphasis in PR, advertising or corporate communications. I haven't decided yet on an emphasis.

We've also moved across town! This place saves me almost an hour a day in driving time and is the same short drive to work for Sean. Tails isn't a fan of the new place yet, but hopefully he will be soon...I think he misses the old place.

I also celebrated my 25th birthday. Sean planned a night out with friends at one of my favorite restaurants. Pics from the evening:

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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